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Ongoing Mentoring Support for Emerging and Existing ICF Coaches

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What Transformative Feedback Can Do For you!

Let's face it-stepping away from your cohort after an enriching experience of cultivating new coaching skills, cultivating your own coaching business and maintaining a growth mindset can be frightening!

In working with coaches, one of the biggest challenges they share, as they continue to apply what they have learned during their coach immersion, is being able to gauge ongoing forward progress as well as gaining the confidence needed to continue to push boundaries and take risks within their coaching-all to benefit those they serve.

For this reason, I am offering the opportunity for ongoing feedback for those who are in need of additional support in ensuring their calls meet the requirements for initial certification, re-certification and ongoing personal growth as a coach.

Who Can Benefit from Coach Feedback?

  • Aspiring coaches seeking their first credential
  • Existing coaches looking to renew a credential
  • Coaches in need of additional post-certification program support
  • Coaches looking to up-level their current coaching interactions

Meet Your Instructor

Marian Janes, MS, ICF PCC, ICF Assessor
Marian Janes, MS, ICF PCC, ICF Assessor

Passionate Coach Educator and Igniter!

I am passionate about the potential coaching has on positively impacting the world and I am motivated by the potential of igniting the sparks that will enable new and existing coaches to ignite growth and hope in others.

I possess an innate ability to help people discover and apply their core potential and make progress towards their vision by considering possibilities in their lives and connecting with opportunity amidst ongoing change and uncertainty.

As a learning innovator and head of a corporate university for 25 years, I cultivated the knowledge and skills needed to help others grow. My background in learning and development has enabled me to synthesize and systematize information and knowledge to ensure applicability and practicality in the real world.

Although I have had the opportunity to engage in thousands of conversations with a variety of people, from executive leaders to frontline workers, I never experienced the sheer power and value of a good coaching conversation and its impact on changing lives by producing sustainable results.

I have had the distinct privilege to work with hundreds of coach candidates in a recognized ICF ACTP education program. These interactions have planted the seeds for the cultivation of this program as I realized the ongoing support needed on the journey to obtaining and upholding the valued ICF credentials.

Whether you are a business with a strategic focus, a professional looking to transition to the next level, or someone looking to jumpstart your business or your life, I am committed to your growth and transformation and look forward to engaging with you soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the feedback take place?
Feedback is mostly given via Zoom video conference to create that personal face-to-face feeling. Other options include phone calls as well as in-person when geographically feasible.
When is it best to submit a call for feedback?
Times you may benefit from coaching feedback include; preparing to submit a call for ICF credentialing or renewal, checking in for periodic competence and growth, considering becoming a mentor coach, or seeking the challenge of taking your coaching capabilities to the next level.
For how long should I submit calls?
Ongoing feedback is extremely valuable, however, my intent is to help cultivate the confidence to step out on your own, with the confidence needed to best serve your coaching customer's. For some this is a call or two, for others longer, However, I am committed to challenging you within each call to help maximize your growth.
What about the new ICF Competencies?
I have already begun adapting feedback to support the transition to the revised competencies. They are not necessarily new, but complement what we are already used to, allowing for greater personalization and impact.

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